Consistency and slipping back to laziness

I have been back a month and day by day it is beginning to seem harder to stay on top of things. Things haven’t really changed here and I find myself constantly having to recollect the banter, the shout outs and the competitive feel from the people at Mercs to keep me going. When there’s so much whinging and soft behavior going around, I reckon the best is to stay away because it can rub off on you. There isn’t any Lachy here who is constantly on my arse for all my 8x1000m pieces, or neither is there a DeLang or Sharpy churning out 3x8km pieces on the erg, or a Wilson coming at you with a 15s handicap.

The one very important thing I have learn is that consistency is key. And it’s that consistently hard attitude that gets us somewhere. It defeats the purpose of taking a break on one of the pieces and coming back again for the last one or two. I suppose some have been fortunate enough to get away with it. But why take that chance? People these days talk lot about perseverance and all that. I wonder how many truly knows what it takes.

When the going gets tough, I’m just glad I have something to turn to. And I won’t let the boys down

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