Randoms, birthday and everything else

Routines can be mundane, but i find it helps get things done in a much more efficient manner. I’m settling in very nicely and it’s been probably one of my most efficient weeks, considering it’s a heavy training week. Volume on the erg continues to be heavy, 30min rate 20, 8x1000m, 3x3000m, and with a ramp up on mileage on the water. Handicap series on the Winter Sculling ended today. Managed to make the finals, but couldn’t finish up high enough to top it on points. Doesn’t help that my handicap keeps going up every week. But in a big scheme of things it means i’m going faster. Wouldn’t say it’s my best race today. Still having to learn to thread the red line to best effect. Today was a classic case of missing the mark all together. Like Sandy said, it’s easy to negative split if you’re not going fast in the middle. More racing to work on that.

Arranged for a setup with the people from BAT Rowing to help them out with their latest R&D notes. Check out their series of videos on YouTube.

It’s really good how instantaneously I engaged the heel so much earlier when the ShoePlate Pro is on. Which is what will produce more force and stability. Like any other intervention, it probably won’t be an immediate drop in splits. But it’s the immediate change in activation that i find really impressive. Overtime, the body will be able to respond to the positive change, and that is when the results will show. I highly recommend taking a look at it!

There is no better way to spend your birthday with amazing mates, $4 pizzas at Lucky Coq and a bottle of Coopers. It’s not much of a party night on Wednesdays, so it stayed relatively chilled out.

Finally dropped by the VIS to pay a visit to Nathan and Harry who helped me out heaps in October last year . It was good to step into the building again. Never fails lift my spirits. There’s a lot of focus and energy going around the place, and I’m not feeling it because I’m a visitor. It was the same last year when I was in there regularly for a month. A month might not be long. But I feel there is a consistent effort to keep the athletes constantly motivated.

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