Race the Ras Charity Cycle

The website seems a little neglected. My sincere apologies. Getting in more mileage is proving a tougher task than I expected it to be. The main challenge is managing heat fatigue and humidity. There is no way I can manage to replace enough fluids during a session to be 100% sure that training adaptations have come in play before the effects of heat and humidity set in. You do the best you can. I’m getting the hang of it as I go along, sorting out the timing of each session during the day and stocking up on fluids.

Over the weekend, the Singapore Gaelic Lions & St. Patricks Society organized a Charity Pub Quiz, to help the resident Doctor raise funds for the 2 nominated charities for Race the Ras Charity Cycle, The Irish Cancer Society and GOAL. He will be attempting to ride 1260km over 8 days. Read more about it here. The night was great fun and $8000 was raised. Excellent stuff. If you wish to donate, you can do so at


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