tuesday 15 march training

Did a really nice 84km ride with Jason this morning. A few instances where it seemed like we were going to get rained on, but fortunately the weather stayed cool and partially cloudy. It usually is just a steady state ride. But this time we just went out riding. Didn’t check for speed throughout but my watch read 2hr 43min, which was inclusive of the waiting time at out meeting point at the petrol station. I love grinding it out when there’s a slight incline. It lets me build some rhythm and at the same time the work load on my legs feels quite like rowing, which I’m certainly better at. I suppose learning to tap it out at a high cadence comes with practice. Might get myself a set of rollers.

Lunch time was some overspeed work on the treadmill. As the sports institute only had ONE treadmill, I had to wait close to 40min for this staff to finish her ‘power’ walk. I was starting to get annoyed by 30min. Theoretically, I could have gotten her off with the 20min limit per user. But I didn’t want to cause trouble as there is clear segregation of rights between the full time staff and part-timers. When I did get my chance, 10min warm up and then 10 x 30 sec at overspeed, with 1min rest in between. Experienced some instability in the left foot at around the 4th or 5th set, so I had to pay extra attention to keep the pressure even onto both feet. There’s definitely a slight twinge in my upper shin now.

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