Good start

It’s been a good start to the week. Kicked off with the usual Monday powerstrokes session that went really well, followed by the last of my tests, the 30min capped rate 20 in the arvo. Determined to finish off on a high, after the rather disappointing 2k, and I broke new milestones. Purposeful strokes is what Al taught me. Being able to sit there for the next 30mins, churning out big ones every single stroke, is quite a remarkable feeling. Moving forward, to start working more on rating pieces, to get my 2k up to speed, and continue building my mileage. Everything seems to be in place, only in the training department that is.

What could be more refreshing than to start a ride, gradually ride into a drizzle, followed by rain, then a massive downpour. It certainly was worth it though. Absolutely brilliant water conditions afterwards to finish off another day with 16k of work, inclusive of rhythm pieces with rate work. Weight sessions are slightly shorter with only an hour and a half of work. Focusing on ramping up the maximal strength during this early part of the season. Translating this into the boat in key.

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  1. Looking good!
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