The Mecca of Rowing

Every day now I try to draw inspiration from the amazing people I have been fortunate enough to meet and train with at Mercs. It isn’t quite the same here when I have stick my earphones in and get on the erg in a gym with literally no one using. And yes, I mean no one, not even doing weights.

I have given up on sticking my ipod into the sound system and have just gone to earphones. Why go through the trouble and frustration of always having the music turned off when people decide to have a group meeting in the gym. Didn’t realize a weights training room here is actually for meetings. And they didn’t bother turn it back up afterwards. Can’t get any more polite than that. If I hadn’t had the positive influence from Mercs, man I would have already walked right out.

Day in day out, it’s all about being around like-minded people. And that was what I got at Mercs. 6:15am OTW, afternoon ergs, Saturday morning shed brekkies, big boat rows, time trials, doing weights in the same room as olympic champions, being coached by the best coach in the world. Not to forget the wednesday night pizzas.

And to top things off, staying with 2 awesome buds are who amazing rowers. Crazy neighbors included, unfortunately.

It was a pleasure and honor to have been able to put on the Mercs zootie and it will forever be part of me. It will be a huge chapter in my rowing career.

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