Asia Cup 1 Rowing Championship

Like last year, it would be carried out at 2 venues, 1000m at the spanking new Marina Reservoir and 2000m up at same ol’ same ol’. The 1000m races were also meant to be the test event for the Youth Olympics Games. With that note, it would be run as close as the YOG as possible. Computer and timing systems in place, near perfect race course. Wasn’t a big fan of the cool down zone. My favorite dining tents, finish tower, start pontoon, aligner hut. For temporary structures, it was all quite impressive actually. But there wasn’t any arrangement for spectators. The spectator stands might not be ready, but if promoting of such an important even was on the agenda, i’m sure something could have been worked out. Spectator wannabes have to camp out at the F1 pit across the venue. I didn’t see any purpose and was just too embarrassed to rally supporters, except my numero ono supporter!
The only thing i like about 1000m courses, going to the start line is quick. Short warm-up line means having to constantly turn.
Nice sunny weather across all 5 days at Marina. Put me about 4 shades darker. My preliminary race was on Saturday. Lanes weren’t much of an issue, so our plan was to test out the field. A 250m starts and race rate of 26-28 gave me a 1:49.52 first 500m to put me just a bow ball in second place. Stilling rating 26 and in second coming into the last 250m, Sasa shouted out from the bank to make a finish. Took it to rate 34 to see what the others have left in the tank. Huge surge but was still pipped to the line.
Sunday’s final proved to be much more exciting. Not as explosive as the starts in the PR, but was already in the lead. Was still rating 38 prolly around halfway between 250 and 500m. About a boat length’s lead and holding at 31. Down the last stretch, the hongkong boat made a sprint for it. I responded rating 35 but his attack didn’t last very long. clear water across the line, 3 seconds ahead. I was certainly very pleased with the performance.

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