in brief

Just finished with my arvo coffee. Today was the last session of comp phase. going into the taper next week to prepare for the Asia Cup. Still going through the tapering and peaking book. I’ll certainly be able to apply it more if I do get to the games. A few timed pieces throughout the week, which I thought might have too much rest time between them. 3 – 6 min rests are like having clean fresh clothes and water while on Survivor. Luxury i tell you. Don’t think it was very appreciated, let alone understood. But what can I expect from handholders

Let’s see, what else has gone on…. Finished with all the polar data files for D.Plews. We’ll see how that turns out. Placed my speedcoach order with Mike. Huge thanks to him. Looking forward to up the game with some onboard boat speed. Another flat couple of days ago on the way to the shed. Wonder how much do I actually save on the bike. Time is a no-brainer: plenty. Got to stock up on tubes next week and work on that tyre change skill. Not exactly Tour worthy. Very fortunate to visit the yog rowing venue yesterday as well. Still quite some work to be done, but it’s looking pretty awesome.

Hoping for some good news next week

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