Crash course for the week’s happenings

Crash course on what has happened this week. Satisfied with the training. Making progress either in technique and/or just simply gearing myself up to work like an endurance machine. The massage on my rest day definitely needs some working on. Always having trouble getting them to understand and relate to the areas which i need worked on. I’ll get that sorted next week.

Starting on the new peaking and tapering book I just bought. Excellent detail and explanations. There’s nothing better than empowering myself with knowledge. One thing I’ve learn is that it’s always better to know that I can rely on myself when the time comes that I have to.

Will be linking up with Edwin as he’s keen to promote rowing on his website. I couldn’t agree more with him on making sports part of your lifestyle. Something most have yet to achieve. It all starts from a motivation: clear that dreaded IPPT, lose weight, fit into that perfect dress, impress your partner… whatever it could be. The next step is to realize the other benefits that comes along with it: Healthier body, more energy throughout the day, a more alert mind and we all know the endorphins produced during exercise makes one happier. There are millions of ways to do it. And the ‘not enough time’ excuse is no longer valid. If you know of anyone who has not gained anything positive at all  from the lifestyle change, feel free to contact me. I’ll be very glad to help in any way I can.

My deferment is more or less approved. So that’s good news as well. Thanks Abel for the support. Really appreciate your understanding.

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