let’s just decide to sleep in

There are ‘good’ days. And then there are the ‘bad’ days. Waking up to ‘bad’ days are never pleasant: Tired, fatigue, severe soreness. The normal thing to do is just to go back to bed.  We’ve all had the good fortune of experiencing such a situation. I have to admit, I have made the decision to sleep in before.

I suppose we all have different thresholds. For me, feeling some form of tiredness has become part of life.  I made a choice, and I will accept everything that comes with it. Just take 2 tablespoons of cement. Everyone feels tired after training. It’s always much easier to say to myself that I have over-trained. But the more important question that I live by is whether I have under-recovered: Did I make the effort to have 8-9 hours of sleep? Have I eaten enough of the right foods to ensure I have replenished my energy levels? Have I taken my multivits? Am I fully hydrated? Have I done my ice or contrast baths? Have I done enough stretching, trigger ball releases and rehab exercises? Seems a lot more effort than just saying that I have trained too much eh?

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