Happy Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year morning was spent doing rounds at the reservoir. 16km row, accompanied by some crosswinds along the way. I feel the Magik gates are getting me somewhere. Feeling much more loaded at the catch, which helps me to get a good send away at the finish. Something I’ve been missing out quite a lot. The only irritating part is the tip of the elastic band making the occasional squeaky noises  while in contact with the wing riggers. Only happens when they both come in contact with water. Don’t think I should raise them any further, for now.

Gave An a small little surprise by riding down afterwards to have brekkie and spend some time with her. It was Valentine’s Day after all. Then it was the usual lunar new year routine and family gathering. Was actually thinking of squeezing in a ride before dinner, but there wasn’t enough time.  Lots of food, reminiscing old times and a bunch of laughs. It was quite a lot of fun.

Just finished another 16km row in much much better conditions. Stayed in U3 for the entire duration, including turns, which I’m quite pleased about. Going to be working more on minimizing unnecessary movement of the oars in the gates. Afternoon will be some high intensity intervals. Smashing.

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