It’s been base training the past 8 weeks. Steady state aerobic work both on the water and on the erg. Definitely noticing some consistent improvement in the weights room. Keep this going and I’ll have a strong base when I start on the heavy poundage. While waiting for the coach to be hired (which is kinda taking forever), Dan will be giving me my new training zones based on the tests. We’ll be working that out next week.

Picked up my SiS order today. Two, 1.6kg REGO tubs. Being able to recover in time and hydration is absolutely vital for optimal training. SiS helps me do just that.  If I stuff up my recovery, I’ll be going into a session not being able to hold my splits and stay in my training zone. And every session counts. Even though I have ramped up my training volume, quality cannot be compromised. Many don’t realize the need of sports nutrition. But to compete at the highest level, I feel it’s very important.

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