Welcome 2010

It’s been a long 2009. Hit a few milestones along the way, extremely eventful, friendships were strengthen and new ones were forged. I really wouldn’t have made it through successfully, without the help and support of these amazing people and they certainly deserve to be mentioned.

The man who is single handedly responsible for the jump in my physiological capability, the man himself, Daniel Plews.  High intensity intervals at a fasting state, LT work,  simulated high altitude training, respiratory muscle training, ice vest cooling, blood lactate monitoring. We did great together, and I’m definitely looking forward for more. Not to forget his teachings of work-life balance. In this case, work here refers to training of course. I would not have met An, if he had not given me that advise. Thanks mate!

The dedicated rowing coach who sees the potential in me, and has always been in the boat with me, Gay Horan. We really only met up at one regatta throughout the entire year. But this is a bond that has transcended all boundaries. We talked through emails and phone calls and all she could see was videos of me. She certainly knew what I had to do, and I would always know what she wanted of me. People have always asked questions, wondered how could it actually work out or isn’t there anyone here. Convenience just leads to mediocrity. If there is someone halfway aross the globe who is more committed, more dedicated, more passionate, more capable, than someone who is in the same place as I am, isn’t it quite an obvious choice. Gay and I have proven that it takes more than just physical presence to nuture a successful partnership. My only regret is that she and Dan couldn’t be there to see me row my heart out to 6th at the Asian Championships. Both would certainly have been proud.

An has always been there by my side, through my worst days and celebrated with me on my best. She’s been through 6am alarm clocks on weekends, sat through many hot mid-day suns, stood long hours at promotional events, tolerated my crankiness from mid-week fatigue and understood  my early weekday nights. I am very fortunate to have met and very blessed to be with such an amazing woman.

Huge thanks to Rudy Project and Science in Sport, for their wonderful and outstanding support the past year. Rudy Project offers the best sunglasses and cycling accessories for any athlete. Superior optical quality together with amazing style. Nutrition from SiS has certainly made a huge impact in the way I train. Able to recover faster, train longer and harder. The widest selection to cover all your needs and concern. Feel free to contact me if you wish to find out more.

2010 is going to be awesome and I’m going to make it happen.

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