something to learn everyday

It’s been a good month of training and getting to know everyone better. Completed a massive training block last week which was topped off by a grinder of a bike ride on saturday with D.Purcell. Supremely thankful that he let me sit on his wheel the entire time. Winter sculling has been great fun, apart from the low tides which means having to plough through the mud. There’s just so much to learn when doing these handicap races down a river and I’m looking forward to the scullers head which is some time at the end of August. It’s good hard training with the element of fun. Got to enjoy it.

As time passes, i don’t think there’s a single day that I regret not going back earlier. There’s something  to learn every single day. One of my favorite being the chance to train with guys that have made the AUS team. Sitting beside them during erg sessions, learning the way they approach training, their ideas and strategies to handle an elite environment brings it up to a whole new level. It might sound like it’s nothing big. But in every industry, i’m pretty sure every professional wants to be in an environment that breeds excellence.

The temperature is starting to drop again this week. It’s been quite a challenge handling morning rows. I’m glad that I get to sleep-in as I get to start at a more social time of 730am. It’s all about character building.

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  1. wicked weather bro. train hard


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